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Microbubble technology is roughly in the 1980s were found. With the continuous economic development, human damage to the environment is becoming increasingly serious, and water pollution has become one of the most important issues in today's society. In the 21st century, Japan first launched a research and application of water purification processing.

Japanese technical team after years of exploration and research, many of the characteristics of the micro-bubble water is gradually discovered. Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry under the Industrial Technology Research Institute, Mitsubishi Electric and other companies to carry out more extensive applied research, found a micro-bubble water different functions in different areas, made a number of application of the results:

Living: bathing, laundry, drinking, fatigue recovery;

Industry: Semiconductor cleaning, mechanical parts cleaning;

Environmental: Closed waters purification;

Agriculture: vegetable cultivation, soil moisture conservation, irrigation, nursery, for improving growth efficiency and nutrient control, control pests and diseases;

Food processing: shorten the processing time and improve the leaching efficiency (beverage processing);

Healthcare: the treatment of periodontitis, prolong the transplanted organ preservation time, disinfection, adjuvant treatment of diabetes;

Construction: cleaning, prevent basic liquefaction;

Other: construction and automotive cleaning.

OPT Creation Inc was founded in 2002. 2005, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology under the Japanese Ministry of Economy OPT Creation Inc began in cooperation with the application of nano bubbles. And in that year achieved in the heavy oil application nanobubbles energy patents.

2006, to carry out OPT Creation Research Association Japan Ship Technology Research Institute Inc and maritime security cooperation in research and technology, application of nano-micro bubble processing ship ballast water, in 2007 successfully produced high concentrations of nano-soaked (80nm, 1500 million / ml). 2009 has made the manufacture of liquid nanobubbles patent, in 2010 has made the manufacture of nano-soaked patent.

Application of the above patents, OPT Creation Inc has developed a high concentration of hydrogen water, agricultural energy-saving boiler systems and other applications. 2010 began the application of nano-micro-bubbles. Established the air micro-bubbles in water, ozone microbubbles water, carbon dioxide microbubbles water production technology patents and applications, and in 2011 produced the ozone water resistant storage.

In 2011, OPT Creation Inc Company and Ningbo Haibo Group cooperate to provide technology patented by the OPT Creation Inc to jointly develop household water micro-bubble bath machines, agricultural micron bubble of carbon dioxide generating means, and began selling in the Japanese market in 2013.

(1)Crushed (micro-bubble crushed) phenomenon

In the water, since the micro-bubble water by physical stimuli ((compression and expansion process water flow generated by the vortex flow, etc.), it will cause an instant adiabatic compression to produce UHP ultra-high temperature reaction field limit. This limit reaction field effect with water surrounding high generation efficiency of OH radicals, etc. (see below). the free radicals are very unstable active substances, in order to capture electrons from other molecules in order to balance its own power, it will play out strong oxidation ability, which can be decomposed strong oxidizing difficult to break down harmful chemicals using micro-bubbles crush phenomenon, in the water will produce large amounts of nano-bubble. this bubble is a micro-nano bubble pressure broke afterIt has generated, the resulting nano-bubble existed not long, if combined with the stability of nano-bubble technology, we can develop highly efficient nano-bubble water.

(2)Ionization phenomenon

Gas solubility in water is influenced by the pressure, however, if the electrolyte ionized water, micro-bubble surface that allows the formation of the electric double layer of dissolved ions, and with the continuous and sharp reduction in the surface area of deep reduction, is wrapped protective effect of nanoparticles into similar housing bubble is generated, allowing the gas bubble inside the fugitive nanometer is suppressed in order to achieve the stabilization of the micro-bubble reservoir, thus greatly improving the solubility.

(3)Ultrasonic sex

Micro-bubble burst generated due to high energy ultrasound, ultrasound of the water that has a strong bactericidal effect; if from the water surface rupture will generate a lot of negative ions.


Microbubble surface with a negative charge, so the bubble is difficult to fit into one room, the water can produce very dense and delicate bubbles, not the same as a conventional bubble will burst fusion increases. Typically micro-bubble surface potential is -30 ~ -50mv, adsorb positively charged substances in water. The use of surface charge on adsorption of water particles, can be organic suspended matter in water to separate fixed, this feature is that it can be the key to the extraordinary play a separate effect in water treatment.


Micro-bubble in the water rises very slowly, like incense smoke filled in the water, such as bubble 10μm to 100μm per second, the speed increases, the rise in the water 1m, on the need for 3 hours, so the micro-nano bubble will long stay in the water, this feature is also having a core of highly soluble efficiency. This retention of small bubbles generates its buoyancy reduction of related, but more important is caused by its electrical resistance, plate design if observed, along with conversion electrode, you can see small bubbles and polar motion Z-shaped slow rise phenomenon.

(6)Self-pressurized sex

Microbubbles itself has a strong surface tension, shrinking in water to form a larger surface area of the gas-liquid critical ultra-fine foam, and finally disappears to a certain degree the contraction was dissolved in water, which dissolved oxygen is that it has a strong resistance the reason why. And in the process of contraction, with the bubbles shrink, the pressure inside the bubble is inversely proportional to rapidly increase, so that within the bubble of gas in the ultra-high pressure state, this ultra-high pressure and ultra-high temperature state binding effect, micro-bubble generating ultrasonic Characters important reason.


Micro-nano bubble bubble different from ordinary, regular foam bubble effect due to the large rise soon merge with the rupture, poor in water diffusion, in the implementation process, confined to the local environment of water bodies, while the micro-nano bubble with high bubble density and horizontal diffusion, in particular if combined production practice large-bubble aeration, can produce better results, due to large-bubble aeration can exacerbate convection of water, greatly accelerated the rate of diffusion and micro-nano bubbles, for resist temperatures to heat and material recycling damage layer has a good role in promoting, ammonia and other harmful substances contained in the water can be low-level promotion of convection is purified. In production due to proliferation of cells with good bubble generation can be reduced to achieve energy processing point, in the larger waters may also incorporate solar implement drift processing of large bodies of water.


When crushed due to micro-bubble in the local high temperature and pressure in a strong state, to stimulate a lot of radicals, it can play a strong oxidizing.


Stay of air bubbles can make functional ozonated water to achieve physical and chemical stability, which is a conventional bubble does not have unique characteristics. Ozone gas through the micro-nano bubble technology combined with an electrolyte enhance stabilization technology can save up to several months of stability, which is a micro-nano bubble unique traits.


Bactericidal nanoparticles foam and conventional sterilization techniques has a unique distinction, its sterilization process including attracting and killing two processes, due to the two-phase friction and have a strong electrostatic method using a two-phase fluid resulting foam, which charged the bubble can absorb water of bacteria and viruses. With the bubble burst narrow crushed at the bubbles around ultra high temperature and pressure to stimulate a lot of radicals and rupture generated by the adsorption of bacteria and viruses to kill. This process is a complete physical to kill the process with conventional sterilization methods are essentially different, so it has more practical significance in the environmental preservation type of agricultural production.

(11)Physiological activity

The biggest difference between micro-nano bubble and its regular foam addition to the different physical characteristics, but also has significant biological physiologically active, this difference in the production of plants and animals in research and practice to be proven. With scallop farming, for example, the use of micro-nano bubble technology, promote the growth of scallops can be achieved, spat like to grow nearly twice the rate of weight gain is increased, the time can be reduced by half the breeding. This micro-bubble level to improve the blood flow related to micro-bubble in the role of blood flow can be increased by 2-3 times, but the blood flow pulsation cycle has not changed, but the average blood flow and increase the amplitude of it. In addition, the temperature effects of micro bubble is related to the temperature in the micro-organisms table bubble environment can be improved. And shellfish in the opening of the micro-bubble water is usually 2 times, which shellfish adductor muscle relaxation of the relevant.

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