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Innovation, passion, future

Thank you for supporting Joyharbour (China), you have our attention and support will be our source of vigorous development.

Looking back a few years ago in Japan show that the first time I felt the magic of microbubbles technology, to see it so that the water is full of magic, allowing the body to become more health magic. Since then, I have determined to bring this amazing technology to China. In a 3-year contacts, Joyharbour Japanese team and OPT CREATION company colleagues rigorous scientific attitude, innovative thinking and international job market vision makes me more and more into Joyharbour this family, but also to I came to the excellent team management experience ported to the Japanese side Joyharbour Chinese team.

Joyharbour (China) is a young and passionate, continued growth and innovative team. We always adhere to the "quality is king" principle, from the technical research and development, innovation capabilities, to product design, every process have been the repeated testing and improvement, and strive to be professional products and perfect user experience together in order to bring the perfect product experience.

In order to strengthen the users of the product, brand awareness experience, so with full emotional health and beauty products to impress customers, to spread the idea Joyharbour health and beauty to the user.

Looking ahead, we established a "do Chinese health advocates face the United States' objectives and vision, this vision we will continue to carry out technological innovation and management innovation, business groups have also developed a financing plan in five years, Joyharbour China will adhere to the brand business strategy, will prove "with Joyharbour water, enjoy a healthy life" business slogan with action to achieve "beautiful environment, the image of the United States," the corporate mission.

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