Ningbo bangko Trading Company

Address: Nova Road, Haishu District, Ningbo City star longwan 316 533

Contact: Fan Xiaoxiang 15869393337

Public micro signal: bongkok green home

Nanjing Yue Park Experience Store

Address: Nanjing Daguang Road, Room 604 37 12

Contact: Cen Jin 17715236064

Shanghai experience center and offices

Address: 169 Huangpu District Mengzi Road Shanghai Chi-made Board Room, Building 2 -B302

Contact: Zheng Yi 18,958,227,155

Experience centers and offices in Xi'an

Address: North Road, Xi'an Weiyang too Baihua Village Community Room 602, Block C

Ningbo Experience Center: Hengda decorative City 3 floor

Address: Ningbo Yinxian Road and Fuk Hing Road intersection

Joyharbour Japanese sales center

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