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Microbubble technology is roughly in the 1980s were found. With the continuous economic development, human damage to the environment is becoming increasingly serious, and water pollution has become one of the most important issues in today's society.


In the 21st century, Japan first launched a research and application of water purification processing. Japanese technology. Surgery team after years of exploration and research, many of the features microbubble water is gradually discovered.


National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology under the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Mitsubishi Electric and other companies to carry out a wider range of applied research, found that microbubbles water in industry, environmental protection, agriculture, food processing, health care, construction and others have different functions , we made a number of application of the results.


On a Japanese technology exhibition, Hibernia Group and microbubble technology had an "intimate contact."At that time, a marketing director Haibo exhibition is to understand these new technologies and products, through technical personnel to explain the Japanese side, so that the marketing director of a preliminary understanding of the powerful features of microbubbles.


A sunny afternoon in December 2010, and in the roar of the engine sound, the aircraft carrying the marketing director, and his team, slowly landed at Haneda airport in Japan, began a transnational "marriage." The two sides will be applied first microbubble technology to the field of beauty.


The two sides will be applied first microbubble technology to the field of beauty. Many traditional cosmetics, beauty of small appliances and other products, the use of long or less harmful to human skin produces some damage, especially in some of the heavy metals exceeded cosmetics, beauty of small appliances and other accidents, all make this "beauty" cause frequent crisis of confidence. Microbubbles face instrument came into being in such an environment. In March 2011, Japan Joyharbour • microbubbles Division was formally established in Tokyo, Japan.


2012, to allow Chinese consumers can feel the magical effect of micro-bubble water, Hibernia Group officially by OPT Creation Inc. (Joyharbour • Japanese partner), will Joyharbour • microbubbles wash instrument introduced mainland, began a China tour.

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