JOyharbour microbubbles machine, using the world's leading micro-bubble generator patented technology, by changing the physical properties of water, in the air under particular pressure in the full integration of 21% oxygen and water to form a liter of water, a little more than 5 million in the pores 5 -20 times the micro-nano bubbles, the bubbles small and dense, in the light refraction will appear milky.

  • Stereo Deep Purifying
  • Oxygen emollient
  • Moisturizing
  • Negative oxygen ions health
  • Sterilization in addition to taste
  • Auxiliary drug absorption (oil, medicine, milk, etc.)

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Scenario shows


1.When the machine casing with dirt, use a damp cloth with warm water and wipe lightly after wringing well.
NOTE: Panel display portion has electrical components and circuit boards, not flooding.
2.After Joyharbour microbubbles machine 50 hours or one month, we recommend a neutral detergent in water, and then let the machine for automatic cleaning cycle of 5 to 10 minutes.
3.Filter head according to product usage, the filter head to remove water rinse or brush cleaning treatment, available neutral detergent dissolved in warm water to clean the dirt when the filter is clogged, then put the shade to dry.

4.When the machine is not used for a long time, the remaining water inside the machine should be drained to prevent the breeding of bacteria, machine dry place to store as much as possible.
5.When using the machine again after a long time is not used, you must use a solution of mild detergent in warm water for automatic cleaning cycle of 5 to 10 minutes.
6.Best life span of five years, proper proper maintenance can prolong life.


1.The machine should be used in a clean environment, do not use at high or low temperature environments.
2.Before using the machine, you should install the access to water and other components, and then plug the power adapter DC output DC input connector body connection, plug in the power supply is final.
3.The machine should be placed at 20-30cm above the horizontal.
4.When the machine is working, do not carry forward into the water and brought out randomly.
5.Never before unplug the power suddenly cut off the power when the machine is working, the machine should be completely stopped working after.
6.When the machine stops running, you should unplug the power, then dismantle access to water and other equipment. Never in the case of power, demolition access to water and other accessories.
7.Never place heavy objects on the machine, causing the machine damage.
8.Machine in operation must remain upright, not horizontally.
9.When transporting the machine also needs to keep an upright position.

Note the use of part of the population

1.Hypertensive patients: When using microbubbles milk bath, the water temperature do not too high or too low, to 35 ~ 40 ℃ is appropriate, soaking time 20-30 minutes is appropriate.
2.Hypotension: hypotension patients must pay special attention to when to get up, fall prevention and other issues.
3.Open trauma: the wound must not be bathed.
4.Children one year of age, not long soaking bath, it is recommended wet wipe.

The following people shall be used under the guidance of a doctor or healthcare professional

1.Severe heart disease
2.Epilepsy uncontrolled by
4.Women Pregnancy

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